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Being one of the oldest and well-established brands among the gaming chair brands, Killabee makes fascinating gaming chairs under three different lines. Killabee product is the flagship one. Two of its sub-products also exist. The VonRacer Line is the cheapest among the Killabee’s gaming chair collection. On the other hand, the fantasyland comes under the biggest and tallest luxurious models category of Killabee gaming chairs.

The Killabee gaming chairs normally use medium quality PU leather. They are giving support for good posture over sitting for a longer period. These Killabee gaming chairs are firm, having resistant passing, which works well effective. There is a thick layer of memory below the leather given by Killabee. It feels so dense and body weight resistant, which is not like fluffy-sofas at all.

Killabee Gaming Chairs Warranty Policy

All Killabee’s gaming chair models come with a one year warranty. The warranty covers all the usage of their chair by the consumer, up to 40 hours a week. You can count on a well solid and wonderful sitting experience in these Killabee’s gaming chairs for the duration of the warranty.

According to Killabee, their gaming chairs fulfill all the full-time sitting demands. Padding is the major difference when we talk about cheap and expensive gaming chairs. Killabee’s cheap gaming chairs work best when used part-time. On the other hand, Killabee’s expensive gaming chairs are quite effective in full-time use too. The reason behind this might be the thick padding in all of Killabee’s gaming chair models.

How to buy Killabee Gaming Chairs?

Well, there are two most common ways to buy these Killabee’s gaming chairs. You can buy some of its models from Amazon, well not all models are available there. This can be the only option for the consumers in most of the countries.

Another option is for the people living in Canada, the U.S.A., and Germany. There, the users can directly reach Killabee for purchasing. While purchasing from Killabee’s website, you get different alternatives to buy from Killabee, VonRacer, and FantasyLab. Also, all the orders from these countries come with free shipping as well.

Best Killabee branded Gaming Chairs in the Market.

  1. Killabee 9015
  • Extra thick padding
  • Retractable footrest
  • Fixed armrests
  • Footrest recliner: recline to 175 degree
  1. Killabee 8204
  • Retractable footrest
  • 1D armrests
  • Upgraded footrest recliner: recline to 155 degree
  • Lumbar massage experience
  • Up to 350 pounds support
  1. Killabee 8257
  • Fixed armrests
  • Retractable footrest
  • Big and tall footrest recliner: deep recline to 175 degree
  • Lumbar massage unit
  • Up to 400 pounds support
  1. Killabee 8247
  • Big and tall office gaming chair
  • 4D armrests
  • Gel inserts in a lumbar pillow
  • Up to 400 pounds support
  • Recline to 155 degree
  1. Killabee 8212
  • Low price
  • 3D armrests
  • Up to 400 pounds support
  • Office gaming chair
  • Solid build

Final Thoughts

Being a citizen of Canada, America, and Germany, a buyer can get these versatile Gaming Chairs from Killabee. As Killabee only sells gaming chairs in these three countries. If you are not from these countries, it is okay as you can get a few of its models from Amazon. Yes, not all the models!

Killabee is a trustworthy brand, making reliable and affordable gaming chairs for so long. Tracing and Homall are two known competitors of Killabee when it comes to gaming chairs. Across all models, you will get an effective solid performance and a good consistent quality as well. Killabee gaming chairs give excellent support, fulfilling all the common requirements of their buyers.


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