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Twitch Streaming Service is a subsidiary of Amazon. It is a platform where various activities can be streamed live like videos gaming, e-sports, e-sessions, and creative content. Best lighting setup provides these twitch streaming services look like professionals.

Best lighting setup becomes especially important in twitch streaming service when the green screen is used or the background is erased. The lighting setup contributes soothing effects to our eyes making the content less stressful with the better transition from the body lines to the background.

One can opt for any of them either Soft-boxes or Desktop lighting from the two types of twitch streaming service. To know details about these two twitch streaming services- Soft-box requires a large setup space and is basically used for photography. Desktop lighting requires no large space. It can be mounted on your webcam like a LED ring and is not heavy on your pockets.


Want to place the best lighting setup? How to proceed..!!

The concept of lighting depends on various factors as to what content it is dealing with, the place and time of streaming, and numerous environmental factors. In twitch streaming service, the best lighting setup is the solution on how to illuminate your face and shoulder while keeping natural light stable and no shadow appearance. In twitch streaming service the best lighting setup depends upon an adequate amount of natural light coming into the room. Consider a room having a good source of natural light. Well in that case putting a soft-box or desktop lighting at an angle opposite from the source of light would be the best option to get maximum output. In the twitch streaming service the user can place 3 soft-box in left, right, and backward positions. In case the space is not large enough then in that aspect a smaller desktop option is the best way to approach. This not only minimizes shadows but also provides a better sense of lighting.

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Best Soft-boxes for Twitch Streaming Service

The role of soft-box is to reduce shadows with increasing capability of softening the extra-lights. To mount these soft-boxes make sure space should not be critical. These soft-boxes not only require large spaces but are expensive to be mounted.


1. Mountdog 20” X28” Professional Photo 1350W

Mountdog is one of the most premium soft-box for perfect twitch streaming service. The price is relatively very cheap in comparison to the quality given. It is easy to use especially for new designers. It is easily portable with a secure locking system with a great rotation of 210 degrees and adjustable height upto 53 inches.

  • Energy Saver
  • Color- Black/Silver
  • Made up of high-quality Nylon
  • Easy to Assemble and Dissemble


2. Neewer Dimmable Bi-Color LED

It is lightweight with long-lasting durability. It softens the light source enhancing the texture of skin tone. The U-shaped brackets provide 360-degree rotation enabling you to find a suitable angle for your creative work. The light bulbs are replaced with a panel of bright LEDs having color temperature knobs of 3200K to 5600K.

  • Flexible Angle adjustments
  • LED bread
  • Lightweight


3. Neewer 700W Soft-box Kit

It is one of the great sources to stream professional lighting in an extremely high-quality brand at a relatively affordable price. It has a solid stable light stand which can easily be stored for future use. It provides great functional features of full lighting setup making it a perfect sh

  • Large Carrying Bag
  • 5500K CFL Light Bulbs
  • Spiral style


4. Fovitec 1X20”X28”

It is the most professional soft-box which offers customization service on your physical setup. The kit is available upto 3 soft-boxes to provide a complete no shadow effect with balanced and soft lighting. This softbox has a special feature to provide light from above. There are 5 bulbs in this kit that are easily adjustable according to one’s need.

  • Reduces Electrical Cost
  • Fluorescent Light Bulbs
  • Great for photo and video especially Youtube tutorials, twitch live streaming


5. Excelvan Video Studio Lighting Kit

The kit is helpful for a perfect studio quality shoot. It is a complete studio kit to remove all hotspots, light-weighted, easily to assemble and dissemble with a high quality imported fabric at a very reasonable price.

  • High-Quality Studio Soft-box
  • Adjustable height: 27-80 inches
  • Comes with sandbag for balance
  • Made up of temperature resistant material.


Best Desktop Lighting for Twitch Streaming Service

Have a critical space then Desktop Lighting is your solution. It is relatively cheaper than the available soft-boxes.

1. Neewer Ring Light Kit

It can be considered as one of the wonderful offerings from Neewer brand LED light rings which can be bright or dim as per your need. It also comes in an orange light variant to give a sunlight effect. It comes with a gooseneck tube which is super strong with great flexibility and can bend into any desired angle. The kit highly affordable compared to another available kit of similar quality.

  • White/Orange Color Filters
  • Adjustable Brightness


2. Logitech Webcams Ring Light

It is high-quality lighting for perfect streaming with multi-purpose function. It can make videos and takes pictures at night or even in dim light. The device is perfect and is very useful for streaming on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, etc. It is easily portable.

  • 360-degree rotation
  • Excellent performance in night mode
  • Best for Webcams


3. Mactrem 6in LED Ring Light

Available in 3 variant color blue-white, yellow, yellow-white is a versatile ring light at a very affordable price. Bactrim can be used as a table lamp, floor lamp, etc. Bactrim 6is powered by USB provides enough light on your face line making it more stereoscopic while recording a video.

  • Enhanced video quality
  • Can be used as a table lamp or floor lamp
  • USB powered


4. Wong Pong 5.7in Ring Light

In this desktop streaming, Wong Pong can be adjusted freely in 360-degree rotation as per requirement, with 10 different light settings. It is so small that cannot be noticed while working. In this ring light LED bulbs are used which provides awesome lighting.

  • LED Bulbs
  • Compact size
  • 360-degree access


5. Compact Lume Cube

Lume Cube is a pocket-size LED light that is easily attachable to a webcam or monitor. Lume Cube can be used through two sources via Bluetooth or by an app that makes it function simple and easy.

  • Waterproof with long-lasting durability
  • Customize lens
  • Bluetooth access


Soft-boxes are ideal for green screen use whereas desktop lighting is for those who do not have adequate space or room. Desktop lighting is small ring lights that are not actually used for streaming purposes, they are just to put the right amount of light for video removing any dark shadows. If you are jumping as a full-time streamer soft-box is a better choice for you compared to desktop lighting.

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