League of Legends: The Best Keyboard for LoL


League of Legends (LoL) is the most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title in the world, amassing over 70 million users worldwide, dominating scene of esports, garnering most twitch views, showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. It’s easy to learn mechanics and user-friendly has made this game to famous, but also one-upped the competition among players as you will often find yourself mashing keys to edge out your enemies in the land of Runeterra, because being the champion is what really matters in the battlefield.

The Best Keyboard for LoL

Are you ready to become the next champion? What’s holding you back? Keyboards making weird sounds? No RGB? Worn out keys with ladder climbing adventures? Don’t fret over it. We got your back with our list of the best of premium keyboards, mashed over for countless hours and ran through every possible humane disaster, and they stood tall, no matter what. Used by pros and backed by our thorough testing, here are our top picks that will change your gaming experience.

1. SteelSeries Apex Pro

This beautifully designed, aluminium beast is as flashy in its looks as it in speed, considered world’s fastest mechanical keyboard. Weighing about 914g, the Apex Pro employs SteelSeries’ new OmniPoint Switch, which boasts a response time of 0.7 ms and a minimum actuation of 0.4 mm, all while being silent as a ninja.
With customization at your will. You can tweak it so keys respond the moment they are pressed, want to fumble and not mess up, tune it to respond when fully pushed, mix it up based on your reaction time.
With a fancy OLED display to flaunt your stats and build as strong as this, you are less likely to buy another keyboard in your life time. It will be nice legacy for your grandchildren when they start their journey in Runeterra.

2. SteelSeries Apex M750

Starting to see a pattern here? Because SteelSeries is your go to keyboard for League of Legends. For less than half the price of SteelSeries Apex Pro, you can get this superb gaming mechanical keyboard.
Ninja like its older sibling, it is one of the quietest gaming keyboards, weighing around 874 g. Bash your opponents before they know what hit’em.

3. Razer Blackwidow Chroma

Hailed as #1 seller, League of Legends is the game, Razer Blackwidow Chroma is the name. Preferred by majority of professional LoL players, industry sector for its macro support. It supports Razer Hypershift, allowing you to remap every possible key combo you can think of.
It comes with three switches, Green (tactile & clicky), Orange (tactile & silent) and Yellow (linear & silent), leather plush to comfort your wrist, there is something for everybody.
For all-nighters, customizable lightning and backlit, lit up keys you want like indicators and keep some dark if you want to.
As Uncle Ben said, with great price, comes great features. Only downside of Razer Blackwidow Chroma is its extravagant price tag.

4. Corsair K70 RGB

This keyboard is hallmark of aesthetics, sturdiness and customization. Used by many pro teams like Team Digitanis in esports and many twitch streamers, this keyboard is heavy hitter with choices of five different Cherry switches, Red, Brown, Blues, Speed and Silent, it’s made to cater everyone’s needs.
As an added bonus, you get an integrated volume wheel and USB pass-through.
Just like Chroma, its high price might scare some folks off.

5. Logitech G710

As closest competitor to Razer Chroma for the best LoL esports keyboard, Logitech G710 is used by likes of Cloud9, Immortals and Teamsolo Mido. It has a no non-sense look, protective design to make it ultra-durable. What it lacks in customization, it more than makes up for it with 110 anti-ghosting keys and 26-key rollover to make the right moves with flawless precision. Even though it has only single backlit color with two backlighting zones, it is the sturdiest keyboard in our list.
Weighing about 2.180 Kg, this is very bulky and with its longevity, rightfully so.
As keyboard used in pro scenes, there is hefty price tag.

6. Razer Cynosa Chroma

Don’t want to sell an arm or a leg into keyboards but still keep up with pro league, this one is made for you. With 168 individually lit keys, Razer Synapse to rebind buttons, assign macros and Razer cloud features, this is middle ground niche for gaming.
Sturdy plastic build with soft and responsive keys, it feels premium among game oriented budget mechanical keyboards. If you just want to try your luck with League of Legends, and not fully commit rightaway, this can be your ideal deal for less than $50.

7. Ducky Shine 3

Covering for the underdog segment, Ducky Shine represents Edward gaming (China).
With the smooth surface and bulky body, and few aesthetic customizations, this is your beauty and the beast of budget gaming. The most pleasant part is sound by its artsy spacebar, it’s very gratifying. Keys are coated to add smooth texture and you will often find your fingers hovering over them.
The weak link is its non-braided cable that may break over time if you get too rough with it. but at 1 kg of bulk, you won’t be moving it much anyway.

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