Top Video Game Streaming Equipment for Twitch or Mixer


In the past few years, Twitch has become the most popular platform for video game streaming and is being loved for live entertainment by millions of its users. Twitch usually has more traffic than other online services due to streamers like Ninja, Shroud, King Gothalion, Dr. Disrespect who love to play games like PUBG, CSGO, COD, etc in front of a live audience.

If you are thinking to podcast your own streaming channel and don’t have any idea of how to build your own. This article is going to assist you a lot on what accessories do you require to get started.



An inbuilt microphone on a laptop is not going to assist you properly instead you need to buy a high-quality microphone to start streaming. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to buy an expensive microphone instead you have to look in for a microphone that gives high-quality sound output with a feature of USB connectivity, large condensers, and flexible recording modes.

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Pop Filter or Pop Shield

A pop filter is a round-shaped noise protection filter to improve sound pitch used in sound recording. Moving air causes popping sounds on microphones giving poor quality to recorded voice or audio. The main purpose of using a pop filter is to eradicate such disturbances. A microphone pop filter helps to get closer to the microphone removing all plosive energy caused by high and low-frequency components. In addition, the pop filter saves the microphone from getting corrosive due to human saliva, hence increasing the life span of the microphone.

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Video game streaming is incomplete without a webcam. The webcam is a video camera that streams an image or video to a computer network. The inbuilt webcams are of very poor quality hence it is advisable to get a good quality webcam which not only provides good quality streaming but also builds good conversations between users and followers. A good webcam produces 30FPS in 1080p quality videos.

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Boom Scissor Arm Stand for Microphone

The Boom Scissor Arm Stand is used to hold the microphone safely and firmly on its clip. The scissor arm consists of a very strong spring that can withstand more weight. It is not easy to hold the mic continuously for hours while you speak, the use of boom scissor makes the work hassle-free. It also helps in adjusting microphones to your desired level so that microphone doesn’t catch any disturbing sounds produced while recording such as dog bark, door slamming, passing cars, etc. The product is one hundred percent worth the money.

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Video Capture Card

Video Capture Card is an essential part to complete your streaming looking professional. This integrated component is used to record your gaming sessions from gaming consoles. The card helps you to connect to your computer, TV, and HDMI port. The card also helps you to stream your gaming video in high quality. Video capture card with stronger accessibility requires installation whereas if you are using a laptop, external capture cards serve your need.

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Closure on Video Game Streaming Accessories

Video game streaming accessories focus on your capability to provide the best experience to you and your viewers. Since you have Twitch stream as your career option consider these accessories as your assets. To know more about the latest technology on Twitch or Mixer click here.

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